Candidate Information and Goals for Career Development and Research Strategy

***(Cannot exceed 12 pages when combined with Research Strategy)


The “Candidate Information and Goals for Career Development” attachment is required.


Follow the page limits for Candidate Information and Goals for Career Development in the NIH Table of Page Limits, unless otherwise specified in the FOA.

PDF file. See NIH’s Format Attachments page.



Organize your attachment into three sections, following the headings and specified order below, and discuss each of the points listed below. Start each section with the appropriate section heading – Candidate’s Background, Career Goals and Objectives, and Candidate’s Plan for Career Development/Training Activities During Award Period. Also include any additional information requested in the FOA.

Candidate’s Background:
  • Describe your past scientific history, indicating how the award fits into past and future research career
  • If there are consistent themes or issues that have guided previous work, these should be made Alternatively, if your work has changed direction, indicate the reasons for the change.
Career Goals and Objectives:
  • Describe your short-term and long-term career goals.
  • Justify the need for the award by describing how the career development award will enable you todevelop and/or expand your research
  • You are encouraged to include a timeline, including plans to apply for subsequent grant
Candidate’s Plan for Career Development/Training Activities During Award Period:
  • Describe the new or enhanced research skills and knowledge you will acquire as a result of theproposed
  • For mentored awards, describe any structured activities that are part of the developmentalplan, such as coursework or workshops that will help you learn new techniques or develop needed professional
  • If coursework is included, provide course numbers (if available) and descriptive titles.
  • Briefly discuss each of the activities, other than research, in which you expect to

For each activity, other than research, explain how it relates to the proposed research and to the career developmentplan. Indicate the percentage of time to be dedicated to each activity by year, expressed in person months. For more information about calculating person months, see NIH’s Frequently Asked Questions on Person Months.