New to the Grants Process:

1- MGB_Statement of Intent_ Statement of Work (SOI_SOW):

There has been a change to the MGB SOI-SOW form – a section has been added regarding data exchanges because of the NIH policy. This will be added to the Mandatory Questionnaire SOON.!.aspx.

2- MGB Postdoctoral Salary Update, Full PGY Levels 2024.

In response to unanticipated changes in the NIH NRSA salary scale (now and in coming years), MGB will be modifying our approach to the postdoc salary scale which will go into effect on October 1st, 2024_ Follow the MGB PGY Scale level.

3- Markups are NOT Allowed for Re submission applications:

Update goes into effect on  5/25/2024. Please click on the below link for more details.

4- Please USE the NEW Budget Template_Dated FY24-03/14/2024 :

Changes: Spaulding Hospital_ Indirect Cost Rate is now 70%_  Agreement Dated 09/29/2023.

NEW: PPG Template for program projects & other Multi-Project Awards.

DOWNLOAD the LATEST version from the Grant website.


  • RFA or Funding Opportunities

READ & CHECK your RFA for participating organization before completing the Assignment Request Form.

INSTITUTES & CENTERS (ICs) that do not participate in an announcement should not be selected.

  • Budget Justification

 Data Management and Sharing Cost (DMSC)

  1. A DESCRIPTION of what must be included in the DMS plan, DMSP should be Listed under other expenses in the budget justification.
  2. JUSTIFIES the DMSC regardless of whether the cost is A justification is needed as to why the DMS do not have any costs.
  • Performance Site_ MANDATORY

EXACT location of where the work will be done MUST be listed.

  1. Building
  2. Floor
  3. % of time in each location, if there is more than 1 location       
  • Bio-Sketch                              

DOWNLOAD the LATEST  version from Grant website.  

  • Data Management and Sharing Plan (DMSP) Insight Questionnaire

NEW REQUIREMENT for all submissions, DOWNLOAD the form from the Grant website.

  • Hyperlinks, URLs and In-Bedded Link

PROHIBITED BY NIH The use of hyperlinks is typically limited to citing relevant publications in bio-sketches and publication lists ONLY.

  • Naming Documents

NO special characters in documents name.

Use SHORT names to ensure consistency.

  • Human Study Records
  1. DO NOT include LINKS_URLs in the attachments.
  2. All attachment MUST be saved as PDF format before uploading.
  3. USING SHORT NAMES brings consistency to your submission.
    • Examples of acceptable document names: ProHumanSub, ProWoChild, etc.
  • eRA Commons Profile

PERSONNEL PROFILE MUST be kept up to date to ensure that grant applications are processed accurately (such as Title, department, division, correct MGH email etc.)

Update to Proposal Deadline Policy


Research management has changed the internal deadline policy for all submissions that require institutional signature (this includes NIH, Foundations, NSF, DOD, DOE etc.) follows:

  • Initial review of application:  8 business days before grant deadline

  • Final Science Components:  3 business days before grant deadline There will be NO exceptions!

  • In order for the Grant Team to adhere to these deadlines Martinos Center policy will be the following:

  • Complete Request Form/Mandatory questionnaire:  6 weeks before grant deadline

  • Administrative documents due:  20 business days before grant deadline

  • Final Science Components:  4 business days before grant deadline


  • Calculators: An Excel spreadsheet that calculates the internal due dates for any deadline, including weekend and Federal holidays has been updated to the Grants page for each mechanism.
  • Once the due date is added, it will automatically calculate the dates that documents need to be sent to Admin Grant person. If the calculated dates are not followed, the Grant Team will not be able to accommodate  your request. We need ample time to meet the Research Management (RM) 8 day deadline for the initial review.

Changes to Current Proposal Deadline Policy

Please see the following changes to the Late Exception Approvals under the Proposal Deadline Policy:

  1. Late exception approvals for the Administrative (8 Day) Deadline expire after 48 hours.
  2. Late exception approvals the day before the Deadline Date require the proposal to be completed and submitted to RM at the time of the approval.
  3. Late exception approvals for the Final (3 Day Science) Deadline will no longer be granted on the Sponsor Deadline Date.

          If you are unable to meet the 8 day deadline policy, please contact your Grant Administrator for assistance with this process.

          Late  Approval Form.   

NIH’s 2023 Policy on Data Sharing

You may have noticed by now that INSIGHT System have a new question under Compliance page regarding plans submitted in accordance with the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy.

As these questions are very detailed, Research Management (RM) have developed a fill-able form NIH DMS Plan questionnaire that Principle Investigator can download the form, or the Grant Administrators can send to the Investigators to assist with completing this section of the Compliance page. The DMS questionnaire Forms & Templates section.

NIH & MGB Policy on the Limitations and Restrictions for Data Sharing can be also found on the Research Navigator site under the on the MGB NIH Data Sharing Navigator page.  

Mass General Brigham Policy on the Limitations and Restrictions for Data Sharing 

The new NIH DMS Policy (became effective January 25, 2023) promotes the sharing of scientific data, applies to all research that results in the generation of Scientific Data, and is funded in whole or in part by the NIH. 

Under this policy, the NIH recognizes that certain factors may limit the ability to preserve and share data. Mass General Brigham is releasing a systemwide policy that describes limitations and restrictions for sharing data when creating a Data Management and Sharing Plan (DMS Plan) as required by the NIH DMS Policy. The Mass General Brigham policy includes: 

  • Legal and contractual limitations/restrictions for sharing data 
  • Technical limitations to sharing data 
  • Human data: ethical and legal limitations/restrictions on sharing 
  • Animal data: ethical and legal limitations/restrictions on sharing 

Please be sure to familiarize yourself with this policy when writing your next DMS Plan. Links to the policy are available in the DMPTool MGB Template as well as the MGB Navigator page.   

Thank you for adhering to these Updates.