Start Here!

Steps to Follow for Submitting a Grant

Submit theĀ Request Form

Submit theĀ Mandatory Questionnaire

Download the Calendar Tool to determine the Due Date for your submission

Download the appropriate checklist for your application (link provided for each mechanism)

Once all of these steps have been completed the Senior Grant Administrator (Mary Roy) will assign your application to one of the Grant Administrators and they will become your point of contact, providing step by step instructions to get through the Grant Application Process

Once all of your Admin Documents have been reviewed by your grant administrator, he/she will process the ASSIST record and route to Research Management through the internal routing system (Insight) for review by our signing official.

This process usually takes a few days to review and process the ASSIST record
Routing to Research Management
Research Management will come back with comments/corrections etc.
Science should be completed 7 Business days before the actual due date so that the application can be submitted on time