Working with the NIH RPPR site can be tricky. Here, the Center’s own Doug Greve offers tips based on his own experiences with the site.


Completing the Enrollment Report on a Progress Report RPPR

Go to Tab G
Go to Section G.4
Click on “Humans”
This brings up an “Assist” window.

Click on the HSCT Post Submission Tab
Find the Study you want to update
Note: it should say “Edit” and “View” under “Action.” If it only says “View,” then:

  • Look for an “Edit” button on the top. Hit that; both “Edit” and “View” should appear under “Action”
  • If the master “Edit” button is not there, then go to the “Update Submission Status” button and change the status to “Work In Progress.” If you cannot do
    that, Rob or Mary May have to. Go back to “HSCT”; the master “Edit” button should be there. Hit that and both “Edit” and “View” should appear.

Hit the “Edit” button next to the Study.
Go down to 2.9
Hit “Edit” next to the proper “Entry #.”

Edit the table and hit either “Save and Keep Lock” — this allows you to continue editing — or “Save and Release Lock” — this makes it read-only. If you want to
edit it more, you have to go back to the master “Edit” button.

Don’t hit “Save and Add.” At this point, you can change the Status to “Ready for Submission,” at which point Rob can submit it.


Addressing Non-compliant Publications

This describes a situation where a publication is not compliant with NIH freedom of access standards. This can happen when doing the progress report (RPPR). The NIH RPPR site will automatically find publications that reference your grant. If it determines that a publication is not compliant, then it will not be possible to submit the RPPR; this will hold up the next round of funding. This describes how to fix the case where a publication is duplicated in “My Bibliography,” and the duplicate is non-compliant. Note that the non-compliant publication may be on the PI’s bibliography or on another member of the team (eg, co-PI).

1. Find and copy the PMID for the citation (IMPORTANT: Use the PMID, NOT the PMCID)
2. Find the duplicate in My Bibliography and click “Edit citation”
3. Look for the ‘Unique ID field’ and set the ‘Type’ to ‘PMID’
4. Paste the PMID into the Unique ID field
5. Check to make sure the suggested citation matches your expectations and click Save.