Shared Instrumentation Grant Checklist

All sections must be completed prior to initiation of your application. Thank you!

S10 Administrative & Science Checklist



Step 1. ECOR will send out an email to the Research Community for NIH Instrumentation Grant Program 2-3 months before the due date. This will have instructions for pre-applications that will need to be submitted through the ECOR portal.  Please pay close attention to the pre-application due date.

Step 2. Pre-application must be submitted to ECOR prior to start of NIH Application.

Step 3. Please complete the request form on the Martinos Grants page to alert the team that you will be submitting an S10 – you will be contacted to start the process.

Below is a list with the Administrative pieces with a link to samples & instructions to help you collect the necessary pieces that your grant administrator will need to to begin the application.


Please refer to the S10 checklist to determine the administrative documents needed for initial review. These are highlighted.

Project Summary/Abstract

(30 lines of text maximum)

The Project Summary/Abstract should contain a succinct and accurate description of the requested instrument and an explanation of the need for the instrument to advance research projects of the Users and augment research capabilities at the applicant institution. The application’s broad, long-term objectives should be stated, concisely describing how access to the instrument will enhance the health-related goals of the research projects and stimulate biomedical research at the applicant institution. This section should be informative to other persons working in the same or related fields and understandable to a scientifically or technically literate reader.

Project Narrative

(2-3 sentences maximum)

Using no more than two or three sentences, describe the relevance of this research to public health. In this section, be succinct and use plain language that can be understood by a general, lay audience.

Bibliography/Literature & References Cited

(Not included in page limitations)

List only publications that demonstrate the researchers’ expertise in operation and usage of the requested instrument or are relevant to research projects, which will be supported by the instrument. References of the Research Projects Section may appear in this section or may be listed at the end of individual research subsections.

Equipment and Quote

Describe the requested instrument by stating its manufacturer, model number, specific features, and accessories. Provide a detailed budget breakdown of the main instrument and requested accessories, including tax and import duties, if applicable. An itemized quote from the vendor, with appropriate discounts and warranty terms, is required. The quote must be scanned and combined in a single attachment with the equipment description as part of this upload. As described above in the SF424 Cover form, include an explanation of Total Non-Federal Funds in this section (if applicable).

Applications without a quote will be deemed incomplete and returned to the applicant without review.

If human, animal, or infectious materials, which could create a potential biohazard, are to be analyzed, funds for accessory containment equipment for the instrument may be requested in the budget.

Do not describe the need for the instrument or accessories in this section; such narrative should be a part of the Justification of Need section of the Instrumentation Plan.

(download form)

Instrumentation Plan

Name “Instrumentation Plan” as one single PDF with the following headers:

1. Introduction (3 pages) Only needed if this is a resubmission

2. Justification of Need (9 pages) (download example) (download instructions)

3. Technical Expertise (3 pages) (download example) (download instructions)

4. Research Projects (30 pages)  (download example) (download instructions)

5. Summary Tables(6 pages total) (Include chart of Project #, Project Title, Investigator, Grant Number, & User Type, % of AUT)(download example) (download instructions)

6. Administration (Organizational/Management Plan) (6 pages) (download example) (download instructions)

7. Institutional Commitment (3 pages) (download example) (download instructions)

8. Overall Benefit (3 pages) (download example) (download instructions)


Bio Sketches

Bio Sketches need to be requested by PD/PI for the following:

  • Major users
  • Minor users
  • Technician

Download an example under “Helpful Grants Links” in the sidebar.


Other Support

For PI only, Admin Team will update OS


Other Attachments

Letters of Support (LOS) and S10 Awards Table

Institutional Support: Letter from ECOR will be provided by ECOR Department. No need to Draft this letter.

Departmental letters (Letters from Dr. Brink and/or Dr. Rosen) Not included in page limitations, combined single PDF.

Other Standard Letters of Support

S10 Awards Table (ECOR will supply) and will be attached at the end of LOS