Budget Justification

 Senior/Key Personnel such as:

  • PD/PI, Contact PI, Co-Investigator – Name and degree, MGH Title, Effort, calendar months & summary of his/her experience/role.


  • The calendar months should be clearly stated per year.
  • Bio-Sketches are only required for those listed in the actual SF424 application for senior key personnel.

Non-key Personnel such as:

  • Post Doc – Name and degree, title, calendar months effort & summary of his/her experience/role.
  • Research Technician & Assistant – Name and degree, title, calendar months effort & summary of his/her experience/role.
  • Collaborator: Name and degree, title, experience and role in the project.
  • Consultant: Name and degree, title, experience and role in the project. Consultant fee $ and # of hours with total per year,


  • Collaborator / Consultants cannot be a mentor or supervisor on the project.
  • Paid consultants cannot be MGH employees.


  • A piece of equipment with a cost greater than $5000
  • Justify by stating the name and a description, it is important to clearly state how this equipment is directly related to the research proposed.
  • List cost and include a vendor quote to strengthen the justification.


  • Equipment vendor quotes will be attached to the entire justification.


  • The domestic and international travel sections should be segregated and listed per year


Include the destination whether it’s domestic or International if there is any, each category on a separate line.

List the costs/year for each category, number of people traveling and dates or duration of the stay

for all anticipated travelers.

It is important that you clearly state how the travel is directly related to your proposed research (e.g. you can go to a conference to present your research, but not just for the purpose of “staying current in your field”).

  • NIH has been requesting more detailed justifications at time of JIT so please detail travel

 All categories should have the costs/year & total cost for the project period with some descriptions.

Supplies such as:

  • Animal purchase – Should be under supplies indicating that animal housing should be listed in “other”.
  • Computer (this should be any equipment piece below $5,000)
  • Coil supplies
  • Electronic supplies
  • Office supplies
  • Data storage
  • Software

Other Expenses such as:

Other Expenses such as the following:

  • MRI Imaging time (should list $$/hour x subjects/year, etc. and totals) use center current hourly rate listed on the Martinos Center website https://www.martinos.org/core-services
  • Disk Space
  • Martinos IT Core/Fees –Please list the service/cost for each workstation, installations, maintenance & Unit account. Please refer to Martinos Center website for these costs https://www.martinos.org/core-services/.
  • Human subject remuneration.
  • Animal housing and acquisition
  • Publication
  • Noted that the sequencing order listed above should be followed.

Below is an example for the R&R budget to help you through the process: