Consortium/Contractual Arrangements

Who must complete the “Consortium/Contractual Arrangements” attachment?

Include the “Consortium/Contractual Arrangements” attachment if you have consortium/contracts (subcontracts) in your budget.


Attach this information as a PDF file. See NIH’s Format Attachments page. Content:

Explain the programmatic, fiscal, and administrative arrangements to be made between the applicant organization and the consortium organization(s). If consortium/contractual activities represent a significant portion of the overall project, explain why the applicant organization, rather than the ultimate performer of the activities, should be the grantee.

Note: The signature of the authorized organization representative in K.200 – SF 424 (R&R), Authorized Representativesignifies that the applicant and all proposed consortium participants understand and agree to the following statement:

The appropriate programmatic and administrative personnel of each organization involved in this grant application are aware of the agency’s consortium agreement policy and are prepared to establish the necessary inter-organizational agreement(s) consistent with that policy.

For more information:

Refer to the NIH Grants Policy Statement, Section 15: Consortium Agreements for more information.